Hosted by Cyrus’s Managing Director Simon Freethy, Testing Tracks is a knowledgeable and insightful podcast that dives into the music behind Cyrus’s award winning products.


Learn all about our tuning process for developing latest products, upgrades and the tracks that provide critical insights into the performance of brilliant hi-fi equipment.


Our guest today is Jeff Wells from Nation Import (Cyrus’ Canadian Distributor) for some transatlantic ‘Testing Tracks’

Testing Tracks


Cyrus soundBuds have been engineered to deliver exceptional fidelity and dynamics, even when you’re in a noisy environment, such as a train or gym. Completely wireless and completely stereo, you just sync to your phone and get on with your day.


soundBuds are supplied with the Cyrus ‘recharging’ case, allowing you to recharge up to three times without connecting to a separate power source. Simply place the soundBuds back in their holder and they recharge.

Sweat-resistant and durable, soundBuds provide the perfect soundtrack to your active lifestyle.

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Upgrades & Support

Whether you want to ensure your product keeps working long into the future, have it repaired or upgraded, you’ve come to the right place. Download our archives of user manuals, download the latest firmware for your product or view all of our legacy products here!

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The UK Experience

At Cyrus, we’re not ‘preachy’ or condescending. We just love sharing our passion. That’s why we created the ‘Experience tour’. Come along to one of our events to learn more about the subject of hi-fi, some of the latest technologies used, and engage with our expert team on your questions. It’s not a hard sell – it’s a chance to meet with like-minded individuals and experience hi-fi in a warm and friendly environment.

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