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Unique amongst British high-end audio manufacturers, our pioneering work in our Cambridgeshire research and development studios has led to remarkable advances in DAC design, Power management, CD servo design, and noise rejection.

Each of our classic and XR products is housed in our hand-finished inverted ‘cast-aluminium’ chassis and fitted with the finest audio components available. The stunning elegance and searing performance of your Cyrus music system truly justify their ‘pride-of-place’ in your listening or sitting room.

XR Series

The XR Series is our latest and greatest series of products. An uncompromising range of discrete audiophile components, the performance of which elevates Cyrus into the very highest echelons of transparency and precision.

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Classic / Signature Range

Cyrus has been at the forefront of audio development since 1983 when our engineers helped develop one of the very first specialist CD players. Our aim is to make the best hi-fi products in the world, irrespective of price. To achieve this we have developed numerous innovative technologies covering, power supplies, DACs, CD engines and much more.

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One Series

Cyrus ONE series amplifiers and systems are conceived as an accessible range of products designed to have the very highest hi-fi credentials but in a very practical and modern configuration.

ONE Series products are designed to work brilliantly with contemporary music sources such as streamed music, integrating with Tidal, or Spotify, or working directly with turntables (via the built-in phono amp)

Some models in the range also have high-resolution USB inputs, High-res ‘Bluetooth’ connections, even HDMI (ARC) and AV connections so they can fully integrate into your home entertainment system.

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