Classic POWER (Audio Video PL)

Compared to the Naim Nait 5 with FlatCap, the Cyrus power amplifier gave a real demonstration of energy, precision, and strength, but without becoming loud or harsh. Tracks from ‘The Last Samurai’ were reproduced with astonishing freedom and clarity. The small amplifier handled KEF monitors perfectly, extracting an impressive (in relation to its size) power and extension from them. The rendering of the soundstage, its width, and depth were commendable. Nothing blended together, instruments did not overlap. The clarity was truly surprising.

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Audio Test (German-TTP Turntable)

We have nothing else to do but congratulate the manufacturer on this truly excellent debut, awarding it a ‘Reference Class’ rating! This is an achievement that only a few manufacturers can claim right from the start.

PSU-XR (Hi-Fi i Muzyka PL)

Connecting the PSU-XR to Stream-XR was like lifting the curtain. Everything became clearer, more realistic, and tangible. The sound, on the one hand, calmed down and gained in sophistication, while on the other hand, information from the background became more audible.

Hi-Fi i Muzyka 02/2024 (Poland)

Stream-XR (Hi-Fi i Muzyka PL)

In summary, the Cyrus streamer as a standalone source offers the highest sound quality for a device of this kind. I would not be surprised if a significant number of end-users choose to stick with it for longer. And when considering an upgrade, a few moments spent listening to it with the PSU-XR connected will dispel any doubts.

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This latest new product from Cyrus has made a significant impact on the market and must be considered a resounding success. The long-awaited turntable is truly worthy of the Cyrus brand and is already receiving massively favourable reviews from both the existing Cyrus fan base and beyond.

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PSU-XR (Hifi & Musik)

Certainly, larger power supplies tend to make a difference, but we weren’t prepared for it to be this significant! Everything improved. Greater dynamics, deeper black background, and weight in the low end, more delicate detail resolution with added brilliance, and a more distinct 3D sensation. It might sound like a cliché, but suddenly the new audio panorama was like looking into a freshly polished and two sizes larger shop window.

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Stream-XR/i9-XR (Hifi & Musik)

The Cyrus Duo [Stream-XR + i9-XR] was a marvel of airy and dynamically fast sound, which typically characterises electronics with low feedback. Yes, the duo was truly a lively and fresh breeze compared to the (cheaper) streaming amplifiers we simultaneously tested.

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The Ear (English-TTP Turntable)

The TTP is absolutely pitch-stable. Its background is ultra quiet and doesn’t intrude at all on the music being played. The arm is resolute at keeping the stylus tip firmly in the groove – what more could you ask for?