Haute Fidélité (English i7-XR)

This very beautiful integrated amplifier symbolizes in its own way the progress which gives these solid-state models a previously unknown sonic enjoyment, to the exclusion of more ambitious class A models.

AV Forums (English i7)

Cyrus has carefully and diligently taken their long running recipe and brought it right back into contention and the result comes Highly Recommended. 

Hi-Fi Choice (English i9-XR)

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of what the Cyrus can do is that it is able to rival some equivalently priced designs that are analogue input only, while offering connectivity that they cannot match.

STEREO.de (English i9-XR)

The XR series scores highly thanks to fine detail and a new, even higher quality level. A highly musical experience!

StereoNET (English i9-XR)

This amplifier offers excellent sound quality at the price, but in a lovely, small and neat package with excellent build quality.