Stereo 200
A mighty stereo power amplifier using a unique hybrid design
Cyrus Stereo200 s

Stereo 200

The Cyrus Stereo 200 is an award winning high performance power amplifier incorporating a new and unique Cyrus topology that combines the benefits of high efficiency and lower heat generation from a digital output stage, with our highly refined analogue power supply design.

UK SRP: £1,895
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Hybrid Amplifier

Stereo 200 uses our Class D hybrid technology allowing us to produce a high powered stereo amplifier without any cooling issues or compromises in the audio quality. Nearly all the power supply energy is used for the amplifier output rather than wasted as heat.

Impedance Detection

When the amplifier is powered up, the SID (Speaker Impedance Detection) interrogates the speaker load and adjusts the amplifier to provide correctly balanced and smooth high frequencies. This has proved to be a highly successful method of accurately aligning the class D output devices.

Music Sense

From full standby the unit can be made to switch on with any signal input above approximately -55dB. After being on, if there is no signal above -55dB into the unit for 10 minutes, the unit will go back into standby.


Cyrus Stereo200 rear
Banana/spade speaker Yes
Chain output Yes
Analogue RCA Phono 1 pair
XLR Balanced 1 pair
Trigger 12V
Power Output
Watts into 6 Ohms 203
Dimensions (mm)
Height 73
Width 215
Depth 360
Weight (kg) 6.9

Delivering a herculean 2 x 203 Watts into 6 Ω from the half width Cyrus die-cast aluminium chassis this high quality power amp provides enormous continuous power and superb dynamics.

Cyrus’ new Stereo 200 power amplifier is the first hybrid power amplifier to be launched from this new platform. By "hybrid" we mean it incorporates a traditional Cyrus power supply design with a low noise toroidal transformer, married with a new, high power, class D output device. This combination provides enormous continuous power and superb dynamics.

Partner with a Stream XP₂ to create one of the smallest yet most capable hi-fi systems available anywhere and at any price.

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Manuals & PDF

pdf Stereo 200 - Product Information (2.44 MB)

pdf Stereo 200 - User Manual EN (1.37 MB)

pdf Stereo 200 - White Paper (782 KB)

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