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The all new Lyric is here

Building on the success of the award-winning Lyric 09, we have created a contemporary design for our new ultimate hi-fi solution.

With high power to drive quality speakers and leading-edge digital systems accessed via intuitive app controls, Lyric is wireless connectivity at its best.





Stereo 200

The new high power Stereo 200

Recently demonstrated at the Bristol Show, the new Stereo 200 is a 'hybrid' design combining a sophisticated Cyrus analogue power supply with a new Class D output stage - experience the power of the Stereo 200 and discover the drama and passion in your music! 

Please visit your local retailer to book a demonstration.

Cyrus Audio

Welcome to Cyrus Audio

Come and discover music with us…

As you browse our website we hope to share with you both our passion for hi-fi, and of course give you enough information to appreciate what Cyrus offers over and above the many ordinary audio systems available on the market today.

The Cyrus mission

Recognised by thirty years of awards and accolades, Cyrus consistently pushes the boundaries of audio technology. We’re tirelessly working towards the ultimate hi-fi system – which reproduces the sound and feeling of a live performance without any interference or loss of detail.

Made in the UK

We understand that our decision to design, manufacture and support our products in the UK can seem quite unusual today. The reason we do this is because we have very high quality standards that we find challenging to match overseas.  It is our experience that working with specialist subcontractors, closer to our factory, better suits the quality standards we aim for; and that although manufacturing audio in the UK is very unusual in electronics these days, our customers, who call for higher quality products, appreciate our superior standards.

Design for the absolute best audio quality, manufacture intelligently
This site is designed to share with you, our love of what a really well designed audio system can sound like at home. Of course, to have earned such critical acclaim, we are accomplished engineers, and able to innovate in a fast moving technical world like electronic design. But our skills deliver much more than technically accomplished specifications. The Cyrus team wants to use our experience to transmit the passion and emotion held within all recordings, into our customers’ homes, and this requires a combined range of talents that very few audio companies enjoy.

Download our brochure here

Upgradeability, long term added value
Our amplifiers, CD players and Streamers are all designed using our scalable design principles. This means our highest performance models use chassis and electronic components that we can buy in larger quantities, thereby enabling Cyrus to offer quite unprecedented value even in our most advanced and expensive models.

The 8 Series benefits in a similar way. For instance, the aluminium chassis we developed for many audiophile reasons for our most advanced Signature series can be shared with other ranges. The core circuits and building blocks are very often made in the same batches as the Signature series so they can enjoy the performance of the advanced designs but we can build them using more affordable components.

Another benefit of this design approach is that we can offer very affordable upgrade options. A customer buying into our 6 series range, can over many years, upgrade the initial investment, through a well-established number of factory upgrades, all the way up to the Signature Series. You can also upgrade a cherished component as we launch newer models.

Each group of models has an overview page and then a product page for each model. This is further subdivided to allow you to decide how technically advanced you want your research to be.

Many thanks for visiting Cyrus Audio; our goal is to fulfil your ambitions of building a superb audio system.

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Cyrus have won 42 major awards since 2005 and counting!

Latest: AV Magazine Excellence Awards 2015 - Cyrus Lyric 09