The PSU-XR is our latest external power supply and introduces a brand-new approach to providing clean and stable power for your compatible Cyrus XR host product. Incorporating its own on-board micro-processor, the PSU-XR communicates directly with the host product to consistently provide the best configuration of power from a full range of voltage output levels.

Providing multiple supplies, all of the output voltages from the PSU-XR are all digitally controlled internally, so are extremely stable and virtually noise free. The PSU-XR really is our best performing power supply, capable of providing up to 60% more power than the PSX-R2 and due to its revolutionary design, is up to 50% more efficient.

I took delivery of two PSU-XRs on Friday. WOW absolutely stunning, words cannot explain just how good an upgrade this has been. The first one I tried on my CDi-XR, jaw dropping, the level of detail, clarity, stage depth height and width is breath-taking, a stunning holographic listen. The next one on the Pre-XR, again another stunning lift in clarity and detail imagining was tighter and more focused.

Cyrus Customer

The sound quality delivered by any audio component, whether an amplifier or a source component such as a CD player, depends heavily upon the quality and capacity of its power supply. The PSU-XR power supply upgrade provides a sound upgrade for Cyrus XR components by enhancing both the quality and capacity of their internal power supplies.

There are five independent power supplies in the PSU-XR. All five power outputs route to a connected XR component through a multi-way umbilical cable:

  • A high capacity logic supply to power digital circuitry in a connected XR component.
  • Two fixed voltage power supplies that are intended to power sensitive, low voltage analogue circuitry.
  • Two variable voltage high capacity power supplies to feed power to low or high consumption analogue circuitry. The variable power supplies also have two unregulated voltage settings that can be applied to boost the power supply in high consumption circuitry such as power amplifiers.

Fifteen separate transformer windings, ground isolated regulation circuitry and separate output power and ground returns in the umbilical cable minimise electrical noise in the multiple power feeds to a connected XR component.

PSU-XR configuration takes place via the cable from the connected XR component. Each Cyrus design can enable and configure the power supplies in the PSU-XR to meet its circuit requirements exactly.


  • Low voltage supply - Standby mode +5V DC
  • Low voltage supply - Operational +5V DC
  • Fixed voltage supply - Standby mode 0V
  • Fixed voltage supply - Operational +24V DC
  • Variable supply - Standby mode 0V
  • Variable supply - Regulated +10V to +45V DC
  • Variable supply - Unregulated +45V or +56V DC
  • Size (H x W x D) 75 x 215 x 355 mm (2.95” x 8.46” x 13.98”)
  • Weight 7.7kg (17lbs)


The Ear (English)

Music lovers seeking a fast, detailed, dynamic, clean, and refined performance will love the Cyrus PSU-XR and i9-XR combo.

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“When paired with the Cyrus i9-XR, the verdict is clear: the sonic improvement is nothing less than dramatic, the PSU-XR takes this compact integrated amplifier to a completely different level.”

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Adding a PSU-XR to the CYRUS system changes the sound. A truism but a necessary one. It changes the sound in a positive way – this is already less intuitive but also important. And, finally, it’s a really big change, comparable to changing a component for a higher model. Yes – that’s how this power supply works.

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Hifi & Musik (Swedish)

Certainly, larger power supplies tend to make a difference, but we weren’t prepared for it to be this significant! Everything improved. Greater dynamics, deeper black background, and weight in the low end, more delicate detail resolution with added brilliance, and a more distinct 3D sensation. It might sound like a cliché, but suddenly the new audio panorama was like looking into a freshly polished and two sizes larger shop window.

More in Hifi & Musik, 1-2/2024 (Sweden)

Hi-Fi i Muzyka (Polish)

Connecting the PSU-XR to Stream-XR was like lifting the curtain. Everything became clearer, more realistic, and tangible. The sound, on the one hand, calmed down and gained in sophistication, while on the other hand, information from the background became more audible.

Hi-Fi i Muzyka 02/2024 (Poland)

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