First and foremost, switch the product off and check that all cables are sited correctly and are secure, then switch it back on. If the issue persists, isolate the component to see if the fault condition remains when the product is connected only to mains power, as many of our products are designed to shut down if a fault is detected with something connected to it. If the problem remains even with the unit isolated, it should be taken to your Cyrus retailer for further testing. They can then arrange service by an engineer if they are unable to resolve the problem directly.

Exact connections will vary depending on the components in your system. Cyrus handbooks will contain the basic instructions on connecting your system. If you have a specific wiring request please email with a full list of your Cyrus products, who will be able to provide a detailed diagram for you.

Speaker and cables are a very subjective choice, and we find that user experience varies widely dependent upon personal taste. Although it is tempting to ask for recommendations for speakers and cables, we find that best results are obtained through an audition process. It can take some time to listen to various options but this is by far the best way to ensure that you find the right choice for you. It’s worth noting that some Cyrus products utilise our unique Speaker Impedance Detection (SID) system. This measures the characteristics of the speaker and adjusts the amplifier automatically, ensuring perfect synergy between speaker and amp.

Many Cyrus products feature ‘AV Direct’ allowing you to integrate your amp into your AV setup and drive your front speakers, without the need for swapping cables. If you set an input name as ‘AV Direct’ on your product, that input will become locked at a high volume. Connecting your AV processor’s front pre-outputs to that input will allow you to use the speakers connected to your Cyrus amp as part of your AV system.

MC-BUS is Cyrus’ unique control system, allowing Cyrus products to communicate with each other and making the system as a whole much easier to control. The hub of the MC-BUS system is the preamplifier. This is the ‘master’ and is able to send commands to other Cyrus products (these are called ‘slaves’) connected to it via the MC-BUS system. For instance, if the preamplifier is switched to the input marked ‘CD’, it will search for connected CD players and send a signal to switch them on. If the standby button is pushed, it will send a standby command to everything connected to it via MC-BUS. This allows the system to be switched on and off with a single button push, and different sources to be automatically switched on when the corresponding input is selected on the preamp. The MC-BUS system can be enabled by connecting up the appropriate sockets on the back of your Cyrus products, as detailed in the user manuals.

If you email with the serial number(s) of your Cyrus product we will be able to identify when your particular product was manufactured. The serial number can be located on the underside of the unit.

Contact your local retailer/distributor to arrange a service or upgrade. They’ll make all of the necessary arrangements for you. We regret that we are unable to receive units directly in to our factory.

We offer fixed fee servicing for Cyrus products to ensure that there are no unpleasant surprises once the work is carried out. A full list of supported products and pricing can be found on the download section of this page. If you are based outside of the UK, you should contact your local distributor for options and pricing.

Turnaround time varies depending upon the current workload at the factory. If you enquire with your retailer, they will request up to date information from us.

We offer upgrades/Trade ins for many products that we’ve manufactured over approximately the last 10 years. If you are based in the UK, a full list of the available upgrade options and their costs can be found in the download section of this page. If you are based outside of the UK, you should contact your local distributor for availability and options.

If your PSX-R is from the early 1990's then it is possible that your PSX-R is a non-variable model. The non-variable PSX-R can only be used with older Cyrus models, these models are the Cyrus III, Cyrus IIIi, Cyrus 7, AV-Master, Discmaster, Dacmaster, dAD 7 and dAD 3 (including Q and Q24 versions). If the serial number of your PSX-R is below the serial numbers HBU00423 or HBE01353 then it is a non-variable. All other serial numbers will be of the variable type and can be used with any Cyrus product that has a PSX-R input including the products mentioned above.

Full details on how to do this can be found on the downloads section of this page. All other models that have a PSX-R socket require no modifications to be made. If you are not absolutely confident in doing this yourself, we would recommend asking your local retailer/distributor to help.

A PSX-R2 is compatible with any Cyrus product that has a PSX-R input socket.

User manuals can be found on the download section of the individual product pages, for older products these can be found under our Support, Legacy Product pages

If you have already paired the soundBuds2 with a device – unpair / forget device from your device. Put the soundBuds2 back into case, the earbud LEDs will light red indicating that the earbud is charging. Touch the earbuds and hold for 10 seconds. The earbud LED will flash green twice. This can be done one earbud at a time so you can see it flash green. Factory reset is complete. Once the factory reset has been performed, please remove both soundBud2’s from the charging case simultaneously to ensure that they are able to pair together.