The Cyrus ONE linear is a premium loudspeaker system, which, whilst designed to perfectly augment the Cyrus ONE amplifier system, provides exemplary performance with a whole host of audio systems.

The ONE linear is engineered with a classically ‘British’ linear frequency response curve. The objective is complete neutrality, allowing the full character of the music to be revealed. A loudspeaker, however, can only be truly perfected if it is known which amplifier system will be driving it. In this case, the ONElinear has been optimised for use with our own hybrid Class D amplifier topologies.

The ONE linear bass/mid driver uses a double-wound copper-coated aluminium voice-coil. As well as being light, this produces a stronger induced magnetic field and hence ‘grip’ over hard to control bass frequencies. The voice coil is bonded to a carefully profiled KEVLAR cone material. This material is light and responsive, carrying limited inertia and retaining its shape and hence audio characteristic even when pushed hard. The speed and accuracy of the resulting bass response is remarkable for a speaker of the size.

The ‘tweeter’ or treble unit is a textile soft-dome, capable of meaningful response well beyond the limits of human hearing. Refined and balanced, the high-frequencies are never ‘aggressive’ or harsh, yet retain the full detail of the source recording.

The crossover uses high quality electrolytic capacitors to maintain the signal integrity and a smooth phase response through the transition from bass driver to tweeter. This again contributes the even response.

The cabinet has been developed using advanced computer modelling with ‘Delayed Cumulative Spectral Analysis’ to reduce the contribution of cabinet noise to levels more than 35dB below the driver output. The same computer modelling is also used to fine tune the crossover to ensure a consistent performance, even when listening ‘off-axis’.

The ONE linear is rear-ported and designed to be positioned between 10-30cm from a rear wall. This will optimise the bass response and mid-range clarity, although some experimentation with position is advised as this will be room-dependent.

iR14 Remote Control

The Cyrus iR14 remote control gives you full control over your Cyrus equipment and other infrared devices in your home. It can easily become your only remote, by learning the functions of up to two other remote controls. With a stylish design, intuitive layout and backlit keypad that responds to your every movement, the iR14 is a great way to control your Cyrus equipment.

If combined with Cyrus’s unique MC-BUS communication system, the iR14 becomes the hub of your system, controlling everything with a few button presses. You can easily switch between controlling your hi-fi, TV and Satellite at the press of a button and the responsive remote control even shows you which item you’re currently in control of.

Universal Remote Controls

Our universal remotes simplify the control of all your home video and audio devices. Universal remotes can replace a broken remote, but they can also combine the control of multiple devices into one remote control. One For All Universal Remotes work with all your audio video devices guaranteed, regardless of the brand.


External power supply – the Cyrus PSX-R2

The Cyrus PSX-R2 external power supply is a great addition to any existing Cyrus equipment that you may own. The PSX-R2 delivers an impressive increase in sound quality. It works by removing existing high voltage circuitry from inside the main Hi-Fi component isolating it from the sensitive, low voltage parts so important to music production.

The concept is that a power supply provides a super smooth DC feed to the highly refined electronics to you can hear the full potential of the products you have purchased.

In many products the PSX-R2 works in tandem with the built-in power supply to allow each part of the unit to be powered separately. It thereby removes any cross contamination from for example the motors in a Cyrus CD player.

The unit works by providing a regulated DC power feed free of negative artefacts that are present in all domestic mains supplies. Connecting a PSX-R2 external power supply enables the high grade components in the partnering component to perform to their full potential. This is one of our most popular upgrades and is highly recommended. The PSX-R2 provides new depth and detail to the sound output of partnering products by providing extremely low noise power to the circuits within the unit. Low noise high gain amplifiers connected in a propriety design filter out any unwanted noise and provide remarkable benefits in sound quality. If you consider that amplifiers and other audio electronics work by making copies of the incoming signal, it is obvious that the copy will sound better because if DC voltage lines are cleaner. A stable, strong and separated power supply can provide huge sound quality benefits for a hi-fi system.

By powering part of the workings of a Cyrus unit, the PSX-R2 lessens the strain on its internal power supply. This separation of power makes the unit work more efficiently, and creates a stronger and more detailed sound.

A fully regulated 300W DC power supply, the PSX-R2 uses intelligent connectivity which automatically adjusts its output parameters to suit the partnering Cyrus component.

The Cyrus PSX-R2 external power supply acts the same as most higher-end equipment. It has been long known that removing high voltage circuitry from the more sensitive low voltage parts will dramatically improve sound quality. Similarly providing multiple voltage supplies removes interference from one part of a device to another.

Cyrus has long produced the PSX-R power supply – an off-board power supply that isolates the high voltage components and allows you to enjoy your equipment at its best. They have however incorporated many enhancements to the AC and DC portions of this version of the power supply that they developed for the 30th Anniversary system. This enables the PSX to extract even greater levels of performance when partnered with recent Cyrus amplifier designs.

The Cyrus PSX-R2 power supply is compatible with most Cyrus equipment – you just plug in your kit into the PSX-R2 instead of the mains and enjoy!

The Cyrus PSX-R2 expernal power supply is highly recommended for the Cyrus CD players and transports that are often reviewed with this power supply as the incredible improvement decimates the competition!


Cyrus has a strong line-up of hi-fi separates and the company has hand-picked technologies and components across its whole range to use in the Cyrus Lyric.

Cyrus streaming engine

The streaming engine, for example, comes out of the award-winning, £2300 Stream XP2 QX, while the CD mechanism uses the same system found in the company’s £700 CD t transport.

On paper, all the ingredients seem to be there. Play a couple of CDs and you soon realise Cyrus has mixed them to perfection. There’s all the musicality, enthusiasm, and agility we’ve come to expect from Cyrus products, and more.


Listening to Time from the Inception soundtrack and the Cyrus Lyric hits some serious dynamic highs. The sense of scale as the string and wind instruments rise in volume is captivating, as is the sudden shift from a loud crescendo to delicate piano play.

Switch to Eminem’s Bad Guy streamed as a WAV file from our networked storage, and there’s a fine sense of precision and timing to the track. All the individual elements of the song are hang neatly in a clear, open soundstageRead more at

The Lyric unearths a fabulous amount of detail and laps up information from every tune you play, whether it’s an uncompressed WAV file from a NAS or a compressed Spotify stream over Bluetooth.

There’s an impressive sense of power and drive on tap too. The Cyrus Lyric’s specifications include a new hybrid amp design capable of a claimed 170W per channel.

And, although more power doesn’t always equate to a more powerful sound, it certainly seems to help the Cyrus. This system leaves a lasting impression.

Play Haim’s Falling over Bluetooth and the Cyrus Lyric hits hard in the low frequencies. The drum kicks and bass notes arrive with a serious amount of weight behind them.

X Power

X Power is high quality power amplifier, with switchable stereo (100 Watts per channel) or mono (181 Watts per channel) modes providing huge amounts of power. The X Power power amplifier uses an oversized power supply, which allows it to be incredibly dynamic and responsive to even the most challenging inputs.

Switchable Stereo/Mono

Running as a stereo amplifier, X Power outputs 100 Watts per channel but with a simple flick of a switch, it turns into a 181 Watts per channel mono power amplifier, providing improved sound quality and allowing the use of harder to drive loudspeakers.

Music Sense

The X Power features music sense mode. When set to low power standby the X Power detects an incoming signal and automatically and noiselessly switches on the amplifier ready for use. If there is no music detected for an extended period of time it will revert to standby mode.


The X Power power amplifier includes a port for connecting the PSX-R?. The addition of this highly regulated off-board power supply not only improves sound quality but increases output power, especially in mono operation.

High Current Design

The X Power power amplifier includes an expansive and highly adaptive power supply which provides considerable dynamic power in excess of the rated RMS figure, essential to driving difficult loads.

System Scalability

The X Power power amplifier can be used in multiple scenarios. Most typical would be in a Pre / Power system with Pre? DAC or Stream XP?. Also compatible with integrated amplifiers in bi-amped stereo configuration. The fixed gain structure enables compatibility with any Cyrus amplifier.


Stereo 200

One of a kind, this Power Amplifier is the Cyrus Stereo 200. It is designed to be used in a pre power combination with a pre-amplifier. The pre-amplifier can be from Cyrus or another brand. With single-ended RCA inputs and balanced XLR inputs, the Stereo 200 has all the features you need.

Hybrid Class-D

Our Hybrid Class-D technology has been designed in-house by our world class audio engineers. We draw the power from Class D with the refinement of Class A-B. Now in its third generation, this technology provides amazing sound quality from a shoe-box sized enclosure. It also has amazing thermal properties.

Anyone can make a power amp that goes loud but only Cyrus innovative engineering and meticulous attention to detail can deliver clean, precise power instantaneously. The Stereo 200 performs without the noise, distortion and bulk of inferior designs. Ultra-efficient, cool-running yet with impressive refinement.

Drawing on the many years of amplifier design experience at Cyrus, we use the best quality components and engineering practice. The result is a product that will give many years of musical pleasure and reliable service.

One of our family of power amplifiers, the Stereo 200 is small, compact and award winning, born of british design and manufactured in the UK. Our UK based engineers have designed this power amplifier from the ground up. The Stereo 200 will compare amongst brands such as Naim, Arcam, Audiolab, Linn, Rega, Roksan and Quad.

Available from specialist audio retailers, the Stereo 200 is impressive and has outstanding bass control as well as an amazing mid-range and high-frequency performance. This is a modern classic. Providing the speed, power & agility that you need from a power amplifier to unleash your music. Find out more.

Cyrus amplifiers are truly amplifiers for today’s discerning audiophile. There is power and bass drive in abundance, along with superb sound staging and engaging detail.

Mono X 300 Signature

Mono X 300 monobloc power amplifier

This is the new version of the Mono X 300 monobloc power amplifier. It looks unchanged from the outside, but take the base off – the internals are mounted upside down to take advantage of the rigidity and damping qualities of Cyrus’s trademark die-cast casework – and you’ll find a whole raft of detail changes.

These include better quality surface mount components and a redesign of the balanced XLR input circuitry.

The circuit is an unusual one that’s been refined over a decade or so. It uses no overall feedback in the design, preferring instead to limit it to the smaller amplifier gains stages individually. This means that whatever happens at the output doesn’t affect the input, which makes the amp less speaker dependent.

There’s long been a belief among many designers that feedback (while technically a good thing) doesn’t always produce the best sound. Designing a circuit with no overall feedback is hard to do, which is why so few transistor-based amplifiers are made this way.

Sound quality

Time to connect these monoblocs into a system. We used our usual Bryston BP26 preamp along with a Cyrus DAC XP Signature as the controllers with Naim’s NDS/555ps streamer and Burmester’s 069 CD player as sources.

We also deployed a range of speakers, focussing on ATC’s SCM 50s, but also including Quad’s ESL 2812s and KEF’s LS50s. Regardless of the speakers used, these Cyrus monoblocs sound terrific.

We were big fans of the original X 300, but compare old with new and it’s clear that the company has taken some huge strides forward. We praised the original for its resolution and agility, but the Signature version is easily better in both respects.

It now sounds faster, clearer and significantly more articulate – some praise considering the original was already among the best in these respects. There’s also greater refinement here, and the kind of fluid delivery that’s very rare in non-valve amplifiers such as this.

The Cyrus continues to excel no matter what kind of music is played. We listened to everything from Holst’s Jupiter to Kanye West’s Yeezus set, and the Signature always sounds at home.


Cyrus new soundKey USB DAC is revolutionising mobile music. It is compatible with iphone, iOS and android mobile and protable devices.

The majority of USB DACs and headphone amplifiers fitted to smartphones or laptops are the cheapest and most plentiful the manufacturer could find. And we all know what the results of that kind of policy are – just listen to the way your laptop neuters your favourite tunes when you plug your headphones into its socket.

At one end of the soundKey there’s a 3.5mm socket for plugging in headphones (or connecting to a system). At the other there’s a micro-USB socket. There’s no need (nor any room) for anything else.

In the box Cyrus soundKey USB DAC provides a cable terminated with a micro-USB at both ends (for use with appropriate Android devices) and a micro-USB/full-size USB cable (for use with laptop or desktop computers).

Those wishing to use an Apple phone or tablet will need the Apple camera kit, but using a dongle to attach an external USB DAC to a smartphone is far from uncommon, so it’s an acceptable compromomise.

The soundKey is ready to handle a wide range of digital audio file types, most pertinently MP3, AAC and FLAC – and can handle files up to 24-bit/96kHz resolution. It requires Windows 10, Android 5 (or above) and iOS 9 (or above) of its source machine.

Comparison with our current favourite at around this price, AudioQuest’s DragonFly Black, highlights the soundKey’s relative shortage of out-and-out dynamic heft – but at the same time, the Cyrus achieves the remarkable feat of making the Black sound like something of a blunt instrument. It’s significantly more revealing, more open and more detailed than the AudioQuest.

If we’re asked to make a trade-off between transparency and ultimate dynamism, we’ll come down on the side of the Cyrus every time.

Phono Signature

Cartridges of all types need the partnering phono stage to have specific electrical input characteristics to transfer their delicate music signal properly. We’re talking about tiny fractions of a volt here, so we really do mean delicate.

Moving magnet designs tend to have pretty fixed electrical parameters so, as far as setting values for gain and impedance are concerned, things are easy for phono stage designers.

Moving coil cartridges are another story, as their output tends to be much lower and more varied. A range of gain settings is needed, and there’s no standardisation as far as capacitance and resistance are concerned either.

If these conditions aren’t met, you won’t hear what these components can do.

The Phono Signature has four inputs, each of which can be optimised individually. The gain range is 40dB right up to 70dB (to cope with really low output moving coils). Resistance and capacitance can be adjusted through an equally wide range of adjustments.

A choice of both balanced XLR and single-ended line level outputs means that this unit will slot into most systems with ease.

As usual for the Cyrus, the Phono Signature is upgradable. You can add the updated version of the company’s outboard power supply, now called the PSX-R2, to improve performance. This is a hefty, fully-regulated 300W DC supply designed to deliver highly stable, low-noise power to the Phono Signature’s sensitive internal circuitry.

Considering the amount of amplification any phono stage has to do – many times more than any pre or power amp – a pure power feed is essential for a good performance. Tonally, things are convincing and full bodied without edging towards overt richness or excess weight. It’s all refined and smooth, yet has plenty of bite when required.

The Phono Signature is built into Cyrus’ traditional die-cast, half-width casings. The Cyrus brand has been built on a long traditional of excellent CD players and amplifiers. Vinyl replay has never been a major part of its output, and we’ve found past phono stages good rather than great. This Phono Signature/PSX-R2 combination changes that.

It is wonderfully flexible and the ability to fine-tune cartridge loading with the remote works superbly. Most of all we just love the way it sounds.

If you’ve already got a suitably talented turntable and really want to hear how good it is, buy this.


Pre₂ DAC

Product Description

The Cyrus Pre 2 DAC is the latest version of the original Pre DAC preamplifier designed to work with audio power amplifiers. A high-quality DAC and preamplifier combined into one unit, featuring a range of inputs and Cyrus’ famous sound quality.

Preamplifier Connectivity

The Pre 2 DAC features 11 inputs as well as a USB port, making this a highly versatile product and offering the ability to play two sources at the same time in different parts of your home. The Preamplifier of the Pre 2 DAC uses the same technologies and techniques as the flagship DAC XP Signature which guarantees an accurate and powerful level of amplification. The high-quality 24bit/192kHz res DAC make the Pre 2 DAC an ideal tool for playing music on your computer.

Pre 2 In Detail

Pre 2 DAC has received a range of trickle-down techniques, technologies and components from the flagship DAC XP Signature. The Cyrus digital board uses a highly specified high-quality DAC and power supply that is arranged for all connected digital sources to benefit from the inherent quality and expert tuning of the DAC.

The zone 2 output lets you use it to play two different sources at the same time – it can transform the sound you enjoy not just in one room but throughout your house. Cyrus’ advanced headphone circuitry means that no matter how you use this preamplifier, you can enjoy the clarity and detail Cyrus products are known for.

The Cyrus PRE2 DAC is a high performance pre amplifier. It includes a built-in DAC and has a dedicated power supply to experience a high-definition sonic excellence. It ensures to deliver sonic step up in performance from Cyrus integrated amplifiers.

Aesthetically engineered using state-of-the-art technologies, the high-end Cyrus PRE2 DAC is compatible with an array of sources like CD players, streamers or TV digital audio out. The Cyrus PRE2 DAC preamp incorporates a Burr Brown 24 bit/192k DAC, 11 inputs-6 analogue and 5 digital, clear backlit screen, user configurable input names, upgradeability and Outputs – Zone 2, preamp out, headphone, bi-wire loudspeakers.

In order to substantially enhance the preamp’s dynamics and resolution, combine the Cyrus PRE2 DAC preamp to PSX-R2 power supply. Its unique MC-BUS connectivity aids in connection to other systems. Compact and durable, the Cyrus PRE2 DAC preamp has a sturdy die-cast aluminum construction. It has hand finished chassis in black or silver textured polishes.

Designed and Manufactured in the United Kingdom