The Pre-XR has taken the performance of Cyrus preamplifiers to the next level. Comparing it to our existing DAC XP Signature, we have increased the dynamic range to 110db, added the huge capabilities of the 2nd generation QXR DAC and it now includes the same built-in phono stage from the i9-XR amplifier. 

The power supply design of the Pre-XR has received special attention. An over-specified 74VA power transformer delivers power to a high capacity power supply reserve. Within the circuit design, a generous total of 15 independent power supply regulators regulate, then sub regulates quiet power.

Digital control circuits are assigned a separate mains power supply, completely isolated from the signal circuitry.

The Pre-XR features a choice of balanced audio drive via XLR connectors for best performance in systems where it is partnered by high-end power amplifiers with balanced inputs. An unbalanced output is also provided.

The Pre-XR analogue preamp features relay input selection and a new high-performance gain stage. This short path design makes the analogue preamplifier extremely transparent. With four analogue inputs and phono MM, the Pre-XR will cover just about any system requirement for analogue connectivity.

The Pre-XR includes a port for the new PSU-XR power supply. Thirty years ago Cyrus broke new ground with the introduction of the PSX, the first-ever regulated power supply upgrade that automatically adapted to match perfectly the power requirements of any connected product. The PSU-XR raises the bar by sourcing no less than five independent regulated supplies in a single box. For the Pre-XR the PSU-XR steps in to take over power supply for the analogue stages of the preamplifier.

The DAC input stage of the Pre-XR features the 2nd generation of our award-winning QXR DAC, which includes a high-speed analogue buffer stage. Seven digital filter alignment options are user adjustable to suit the taste of the listener. Input options include USB audio (to 384k sample rate) and DSD to DSD256, 2 x SPDIF digital and 2 x optical digital inputs.

The QXR DAC design is based on the ESS ES9038Q2M chipset, which has had every component analysed by our engineering team, coupled with the layout being fully optimised to tune the DAC to achieve the highest possible performance. The result is a DAC that reconstructs the analogue signal with incredible accuracy and precision, revealing layers and depth that will have you listening back through your complete music collection.


  • 4 x Analogue inputs
  • 1 x Phono MM input
  • 2 x Optical inputs
  • 2 x Coaxial digital inputs
  • 1 x Asynchronous USB input
  • 1 x Analogue preamplifier out
  • 1 x Headphone output - 2 x 138mW into 16 Ω (<0.1% THD)
  • PSU-XR upgrade port


Audiotechnique (Chinese)

“Little box; Big wisdom […] The CYRUS XR system is incredibly detailed and transparent with the source material, allowing for the reproduction of huge soundscapes and unearths the most minute musical emotion. Considering its strong implementation of hi-res digital support, as well a CD transport designed and manufactured in-house, this CD transport and DAC-Pre and amplifier have few direct competitors in this size. If you’re a “musical presentation”-heavy audiophile on the prowl for the ultimate small-box solution, CYRUS XR system could be just what you’re looking for.”

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Lite Magazin (German)

“The new Cyrus Pre-XR is demonstrably an audiophile space miracle. It competes as a preamplifier, but in the half-width housing there is also a DAC, a phono stage and a headphone amp. In terms of sound, quality and character, Cyrus has retained its trademarks – and yet done everything differently…”

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Fidelity Online (German)

“A very well equipped preamplifier that leaves nothing to be desired and just lets music be music. This is how high-end works!”

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Stereoplay (German)

“Very well equipped do-it-all solution with modern DAC and state-of-the-art, menu-driven technology. Sonically flawless with finely balanced tuning that hits exactly the right nerve. Price/performance: HIGH-END.”

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Soundrebels (Polish)

“Can you do better than that? Sure, but one needs to consider the pricing context. So, seekers of the Holy Grail should be content with my message that for the price asked for by Cyrus, it is very difficult to find a better performing competitor.”

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Hifi and Music Source (English)

“Pricewise, at £4,000 plus, this is chunky, but you have to consider this has a seriously decent DAC, a competent MM phono stage and a better than average headphone output.  There is plenty to merit the Cyrus Pre-XR and it should rightly receive serious consideration in this price band if you have a power amplifier looking for a partner.”

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Fairaudio (German)

“It’s amazing how many features – and also sheer power in watts – the developers have put into these two half-width boxes. In a double pack, the two components convince with explosive dynamics and an open, unencumbered, transparent reproduction as well as the bottom line that is an unbridled joy of playing,”

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