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The Cyrus Forum is where you can find the answers to your questions. Join our community of helpful enthusiasts and share your knowledge and experiences, discuss your latest purchases, ask others for their musical opinions and favourites, or just tell everyone what you did at the weekend. We want to make the forum a useful place for all lovers of hi-fi and music, so please join us.

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Here you’ll find the answers to those questions we are asked most frequently, all neatly organised by category. We’ll keep this updated and relevant, and if there’s anything you think we should include here, please let us know.

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If you can’t find the answers you need from our forums or FAQs, and your retailer has been unable to help, then please get in touch. Please drop us a message here, detailing what system you have and how we can assist, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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Whether you want to ensure your product keeps working long into the future, or you need a repair, this is where you will find all of the information you need. A service involves not only repairs to correct any faults that may have occurred, but also a complete inspection and overhaul of the unit. The end result is that your unit may come back sounding not just as good as new – but better!

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Want to improve your system further? Many Cyrus products are uniquely upgradeable. Cyrus’s unique upgrade scheme allows you to maximise your investment in your Cyrus hi-fi and keep your system up-to-date with our latest sonic and feature improvements. Find out more here.


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Other Resources

Do you want to update the firmware in your product, or maybe you want to look at the details of a legacy Cyrus product? Are you seeking a user manual for something you’ve purchased or would you like to buy an accessory? Here you’ll find links to everything you’ll need.


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