Playing our part…

All Cyrus models are designed in our headquarters in Huntingdon and manufactured in the UK. To source the best components we buy in the global market. Cyrus works to the highest ethical standards, so we have to be diligent to ensure the source of procurement is compatible with our principles.

For example, our pressure die-cast, alloy chassis is a key element for both audio quality and cosmetic value. This is cast for us by one of Europe’s premier die-casting foundries to European environmental standards. We are regularly offered lower cost supplies from outside Europe, but are wary of both environmental production procedures and the safety of workers involved in this specialised technology.

Sometimes we are offered components that appear suspiciously good value. However, we insist that, no matter where our products are sold in the world, our close tolerance components are purchased with consideration for the environmental impact of component choice. We refuse to buy components containing substances that could damage the environment, such as lead and cadmium, which are commonly available options. All Cyrus production conforms to the rigorous RoHS suite of environmental standards.

The recycling of electronics has become a clear directive from the Government. Cyrus believes that, not only should a component be recycled intelligently, but its useful life should be maximised to the full.

Cyrus is still servicing amplifiers it sold 30 years ago, often handed down through generations, each enjoying the product time and again. We estimate that more than 80% of Cyrus models manufactured remain in use today, making Cyrus one of the most effective users of materials in our industry by far.

Some models in our range have been equipped with low power, standby circuits that use less than one Watt of power. The more high performance models however are designed to consume just enough power at standby to keep them at premium performance, so that they are instantly ready when brought out of standby. For consumer choice, most of our amplifiers also have a fully ‘off’ switch, if you prefer. We welcome owners’ views on this and other environmental issues, as we regularly evaluate our customers’ thoughts on these features.