About Cyrus

The Engineers

By creating the cleanest window on the recording possible, we bring listeners much closer to that place, that moment of pure genius when the track was laid down – and so build the ‘experience’ to a standard which is worthy of the Cyrus name.

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The Experience

Cyrus is about experiences – musical experiences yes, but also emotional ones. Our customers appreciate the fidelity and refinement of our products, but they ‘fall in love’ with the connection we create to the music. It’s a spine-tingling moment when you realise the difference and one which will stay with you a lifetime.

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The Music

We share our music across genre and culture. By embracing diverse music and listening to the very best choices each of has to offer – tracks that we would never usually come across in our day to day routine – we learn to appreciate and embrace.

Each employee in turn shares their current favourite songs, regardless of genre, format, or age. Everyone is encouraged to participate; and we love to share our choices with our ‘listening room’ followers.

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The Legacy

Cyrus has a heritage of over three decades of award-winning products. Since the foundation of the company, we have won plaudits the world over for our incredible engineering expertise and the finesse of our the application to turn these technologies into ‘real-world’ products .

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The Latest

Hear what’s happening here at Cyrus! From new product releases, announcements and events, keep up to date with all things new happening at Cyrus.

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Designed & Engineered in the United Kingdom