The Classic series has been a popular choice for many hi-fi fans, bringing the unique look and sound of Cyrus to a global audience. So it comes as no surprise that we have announced the beginning of a new and improved Classic series, beginning with the Classic AMP, an integrated amplifier and the Classic PRE preamplifier.

From the outside, the new classic series looks very familiar, but that is where the similarities end. The circuit design has been completely re-designed and the majority of the internal components have been upgraded by our R&D team, which has resulted in sound improvements that will help the Classic series retain a loyal fan base for years to come.


It was a conscious decision to keep the look of the Classic series, well just that…Classic. These products are very important to Cyrus, they are a part of our DNA, so when we had the opportunity to make them even better using knowledge gained from the development of the XR series, it made perfect sense.

Chris Hutcheson - Head of Marketing