It’s our chance to share what we love most about our passion for making music sound great, exploring intricate details of the technologies and processes behind making some of the finest experiences in audio and… most importantly helping you make a more informed decision about hi-fi.

We start by running through the principles of what makes a great Hi-Fi system, take a deeper dive into the technologies used, and conclude with demonstrations played back through some seriously awesome kit. We’ve previously demoed with some of the highest performing loudspeaker systems available. These still shock our most experienced engineers with the magnitude of soundstage they’re able to replicate, achieving as close to a live experience as is reasonably possible. We, of course, bring the firepower to drive these demonstrations.

Music binds us together into a passionate community. Meet fellow enthusiasts and have the chance to discuss your favourite reference tracks, equipment or even environment to experience what we all love most in the world.

We’ve had such a fantastic reception from previous experience tours up and down the UK that we’ve decided to expand past our shores and to cross the channel, reaching out into central Europe and Asia through our network of international sales representatives and retailers, all presented in local languages.

Attendees will leave with a wealth of knowledge about, and experience of, our range of remarkable products throughout the day. Our experts will be on hand to answer technical questions about both our current and legacy range of products, allowing you to build both your Cyrus and your hi-fi knowledge.

We have a comprehensive programme of seminars, delivered by our team to demystify subjects such as ‘streaming services’, how DACs work and provide a real-world comparison of products, technologies and, of course, music.

Come along to one of our days or events to learn more about hi-fi and meet the team that makes all of this possible. From absolute beginners to seasoned audiophiles, there’s something for everyone.

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