40th Anniversary ‘Gold-XR’

To celebrate our 40th Anniversary, we have released a limited ‘Gold Edition’ of our XR Series in collaboration with specific distribution partners. Only 100 XR products will be manufactured with the special edition ‘Gold’ paint finish, resulting in some very special Cyrus products!

Most Gold-XR units have been sold, limited stock available to purchase in APAC.

The DAC input stage of the i9-XR, Pre-XR, Stream-XR and CDi-XR features the 2nd generation of our award-winning QXR DAC, which includes a high-speed analogue buffer stage. Seven digital filter alignment options are user adjustable to suit the taste of the listener. Input options include USB audio (to 384k sample rate) and DSD to DSD256, 2 x SPDIF digital and 2 x optical digital inputs.

The QXR DAC design is based on the ESS ES9038Q2M chipset, which has had every component analysed by our engineering team, coupled with the layout being fully optimised to tune the DAC to achieve the highest possible performance. The result is a DAC that reconstructs the analogue signal with incredible accuracy and precision, revealing layers and depth that will have you listening back through your complete music collection.

The Cyrus philosophy for reading CDs has always been the same – read it once and read it accurately. The latest iteration of the Cyrus Servo Evolution technology in the CDi-XR does exactly this, streaming the data from the disc to the audio processing circuitry with precision and accuracy.

Don’t just take our word for it, What Hi-Fi rated the CDi-XR a 5 Star product, and uses the CDi-XR in their listening room as their reference cd player.

Utilising the renowned BluOS streaming platform, the Stream-XR comes fully packaged with all the features and benefits you would expect from a modern streamer. The ongoing development and support for BluOS is secured by a third party, providing a guarantee that the BluOS software will be maintained and developed well into the future, should new streaming options become available.

Using advanced technologies, the Stream-XR can wirelessly transmit lossless music up to 24-bit/192kHz at lightning-fast speeds across your home network with no lag and zero loss in sound quality, and also allows you to connect with your own digital music library, all via the intuitive BluOS app.

Available for iOS, Android, Kindle, Mac or PC computers, the app allows music playback from all the major audio streaming services such as Tidal, Qobuz, Deezer, Spotify and dozens of others as well as Roon (pending), Airplay2 and also allows for MQA decoding.

The PSU-XR is our latest external power supply and introduces a brand-new approach to providing clean and stable power for your compatible Cyrus XR host product. Incorporating its own on-board micro-processor, the PSU-XR communicates directly with the host product to consistently provide the best configuration of power from a full range of voltage output levels.

Providing multiple supplies, all of the output voltages from the PSU-XR are all digitally controlled internally, so are extremely stable and virtually noise free. The PSU-XR really is our best performing power supply, capable of providing up to 60% more power than the PSX-R2 and due to its revolutionary design, is up to 50% more efficient.