6XPd / 6 DAC / QXR

The 6XPd & 6 DAC integrated amplifiers were based on the the 8 series amplifiers. Unlike the ‘XP’ and ‘a’ versions these amplifiers are equipped with the onboard DAC. Delivering a true 40W+40W RMS power into 8 ohms, no compromises had been made elsewhere in the amplifier. Like other Cyrus amplifiers they have twin speaker outputs for the ability to bi-wire your speakers.

Both amplifiers are equipped with Pre-amp out for bi-amping, intuitive user interface via graphic LCD display.  Line inputs plus Zone 2 output or tape monitor, along with 5 digital inputs including a USB slave input.  Cyrus MC-BUS to incorporate it into your Cyrus AV system.  Factory upgrades were available to upgrade to the 8 series range.


The 6DAC QXR has our new QXR digital card pre-installed, increasing the possible input resolution to 32bit/ 384k (DSD 256) through the USB connection. Using our QXR DAC, we have also introduced a new ‘reclocking’ process across all the digital inputs, to reduce jitter and lower the noise floor, as well as allowing a much shallower filter slope than ever before, virtually eliminating phase interference in the audible band (an approach only previously possible with noisy FPGA DAC solutions).


  • Input Sensitivity (40W/8Ω) 179mV
  • Frequency Response (-3dB) 0.1Hz, >100kHz
  • Signal to Noise Ratio (A-WTD) 104dBA
  • Power Output 40W into 8 Ohms
  • THD+N (Pre-Amp) <0.003%
  • THD+N (Pre-Amp) <0.003%
  • QXR up to 32bit/384k, DSD-256 through USB
  • Dimensions - H75 x W215 x D365mm