The 82DAC QXR is our highest performing integrated amplifier. With a complete set of digital and analogue inputs, you can connect virtually any source and output directly to your speakers. The powerful amplifier has an instantly impressive ‘grip’ on even large loudspeakers. Through carefully tuned components and our unique circuit layout, the 82DAC provides a clear ‘window’ on recordings, revealing layers of detail and complexity in the music that lesser amplifiers simply can’t achieve.

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82DAC QXR has no less than six analogue inputs. A high-quality headphone amplifier, Zone 2 and pre amplifier outputs give the 82 DAC flexibility for connecting a wide variety of audio devices. There is also a PSX R2 port on the 82 DAC allowing connectivity of the instant upgrade off-board power supply.

The 82DAC QXR has the new QXR digital card pre-installed. This new card improves the sound quality across all the digital inputs, increasing the possible input resolution to 32bit/ 384k (DSD 256) through the USB connection. Using a new ESS-based DAC, we have also introduced a new ‘reclocking’ process across all the digital inputs, to reduce jitter and lower the noise floor, as well as allowing a much shallower filter slope than ever before, virtually eliminating phase interference in the audible band (an approach only previously possible with noisy FPGA DAC solutions).

The 8.2 DAC QXR sounds clear, dynamic and musical, offering power and control that allows it to drive even demanding sound transducers and provide rich volumes without losing its agility and transparency.”


Stereo RCA analogue – 1 pair fixed, 2 pairs variable
BFA speaker – Yes
Headphones – Yes
PSX-R upgrade port – Yes
MC-BUS – Yes

Optical SPDIF – 2
Coaxial SPDIF – 2
USB B – 1
Analogue RCA Phono – 6 pairs

24/192 resolution through optical/coaxial inputs,

16/48 through USB

(QXR adds 32bit / 384k , DSD 256 through USB)

Watts into 6 Ohms – 88

Height – 73
Width – 215
Depth – 360
Weight (kg) – 6.9

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“With 8.2 DAC upgraded with digital QXR card, Cyrus has managed to achieve a combination of the qualities of a good converter, generous analogue preamplifier and a powerful power amplifier which also remains compact and intuitive. The capabilities as a control centre are unique. The sound is flawless.”

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“… the new version with the upgraded DAC board shows the predecessor and some other 3000-4000 euro competitors amazingly clearly the rear lights. It sets the balance between nonchalance and drive, it can actually do both which doesn’t happen too often. Ultimately, it is the overall coherence that is convincing… A masterpiece.”

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“It’s clear: the Cyrus 8.2 with QXR-DAC sounds incredible and makes many expensive high-end products look pretty old. Both the subsequent DAC upgrade and the new purchase offer an enormous amount of sound for the money.”

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