aEQ7 has inputs for both Moving Magnet and Moving Coil cartridge formats. MM and MC cartridges require separate and distinct circuit topologies for optimal performance,
to this end aEQl’s MM and MC input amplifiers are fully isolated with no shared circuitry. Significant perfor­ mance gains have been achieved by abandoning the use of
off-the-shelf ICs for these critical input amplifier stages, replaced instead by Cyrus’ own audiophile design using discrete components throughout.

The signal is protected from the degrading effects of hum harmonics, and other power supply artifacts by a triple screened mains transformer.
This is the quietest Cyrus transformer yet, setting a new silent standard for hum breakthrough allowing a£Q7 to resolve fine detail that would otherwise be lost against background noise.

Choosing correct MC cartridge loading is another key performance factor and whilst some better quality phono stages allow the user to adjust impedance and capacitance,
this can only usually be accessed from inside the casework. When delays are introduced during direct com­ parisons it can be difficult to have confidence in the chosen settings.
aEQ7 overcomes these limitations by putting all MC loading options on the back panel, thus making experimentation simplicity itself.

RIAA and IEC equalisation are both catered for and can be toggled via the front panel. An IEC response is included for accurate reproduction of more recent recordings tailored
to be re-played with a 200Hz bass roll-off. The phono stage is housed in the usual high quality casework found throughout the entire range.
Its alloy construction offers low case resonance, good suppression of RF noise and permits an extremely high quality finish. Star Earthing – another feature
consistent to all Cyrus products – is of particular benefit in this application. aEQ7 also incorporates MC-Bus communications for integrated control
and backwards compatibility, with Cyrus pre/integrated amplifier components.


  • Phono Input Sensitivity - MM- 2.75mV MC- 200uV
  • Phono Input Impedance - MM- 47kOhm MC- 1K, 100 & 10 Ohms with optional 1nF
  • Output voltage - 200mV (RCA), at rated sensitivity
  • Preamp output impedance - 47 Ohm (RCA)
  • Frequency Response - -3dB at 1Hz and 350kHz
  • THD+N - MC- 0.05% MM- 0.01%
  • S/N ratio - MM- 92dBA MC- 84dBA