The AVRS7.2 is the latest system controller for Cyrus systems, providing complete system control for a wide range of Cyrus products.

The Cyrus AVRS 7.2 System remote is able to control all of the current Cyrus products. We have taken great care to reduce the button count to the point where this powerful handset is logical to use. Controlling large component systems usually requires multiple handsets, but the AVRS 7.2 has been developed to allow complete control of even our largest system from a single remote. To use the handset, you will find the most frequently-used keys grouped together. Your thumb falls naturally onto the Play, Pause and Skip buttons.

To switch between components using common features such as numeric key entry, for instance DAB presets or CD track numbers, you must select one of the illuminated buttons so the system remote is able to control a single product for you without altering selections you may not wish to change on another component in the system. This smart handset allows you to set the handset for use with either a two channel preamp or integrated audio amp, or an AV system preamp/decoder, thus altering the remote codes to correctly adjust volume for the system you have purchased.


  • CD Players
  • Amplifiers
  • AV Products
  • Tuners FM
  • DAB 8.0