CD Transport

Based on the design of the flagship CDXT SE2, the CD Transport is a pure CD transport system that delivers excellent sound from a CD. Featuring the highly advanced Cyrus SE ‘CD Engine’, the CD Transport is the perfect partner with an integrated amplifier or preamplifier.

The CD Transport is the transport or disc spinning part of a Cyrus CD player system. At the highest levels of CD player development, we have proved that it is beneficial to separate certain sections of the CD mechanics from the low level decoding sections.

The most successful way we have found to do this is to manufacture the player in two separate chassis. The benefits of this approach bring higher resolution, quieter background, and improved imagery.


  • Output voltage – 500mV pk-pk
  • Output impedance – 75 Ω
  • Clock Jitter – <70pS
  • Outputs SPDIF optical
  • Outputs SPDIF co-axial
  • Weight – 4.5 Kg
  • Dimensions – H78 x W215 x D360mm