Our modular range of CD players is based around an upgradeable platform that allows each component to evolve into a more capable machine. Once you’ve enjoyed your CD 6 for a while you may have been tempted to return it to Cyrus where we upgraded it to full CD6S or CD8X specification for little more than the deference in original purchase prices

With the format of the high-end CD8 player established as our benchmark, it was time to transfer key elements of this development into our CD player for the ‘6’ series. The CD6 benefits from using the same high specification 24bit differential DAC as the CD8 (although not in a fully balanced topology) and shares much of the CD8 power supply technology (but with a single power transformer, rather than the twin transformer design of the CD8). The performance of the resulting player has far exceeded our expectations and is the perfect partner for the highly rated Cyrus 6 amplifier.

Whilst the CD6 is a simpler design than the CD8X, it shares many aspects of the CD8X circuit topology. This is particularly evident in the quality of components used in the power supply, DAC and analogue filter stages. This level of component quality is unusual in a CD player in this class and is an essential part of the winning formula necessary to deliver musical and technical performance to the exacting standards demanded by the Cyrus team.


  • THD – <0.002%
  • S/n ratio – 110dBA
  • Channel separation – >110dB
  • Output – SPDIF Optical
  • Output – SPDIF coaxial
  • Dual Analogue
  • Clock Jitter – <100pS
  • Weight – 3.1 Kg
  • Dimensions – H78 x W215 x D360mm