This was What Hi-Fi’s CD player of the year 2005-06 and earned its many other excellent press reviews because it’s not only a stunning CD player for the price but also the entry point to our upgradeable Cyrus CD platform. The performance of the award-winning CD 6S is assured because it is based on the more advanced CD 8X.

With the format of the new high-end CD8X player established as our benchmark, it was time to transfer key elements of the ‘8’ series players into our CD player for the ‘6’ series. As a result, the CD6S design takes the fundamentals of the popular CD6 and adds to this key element of the CD8X power supply. With this foundation to build on, the team revisited the critical sonic tuning of the analogue stage, peaking performance with the CD8X as a reference.

In summary, the CD6s benefits from using the same high specification 24bit differential DAC as the CD8X (although not in a fully balanced topology) and shares much of the CD8X power supply technology (but with a single power transformer, rather than the twin transformer design of the CD8X)


  • THD – <0.002% (ref. 1kHz, 0dB)
  • S/n ratio – 110dBA
  • Clock Jitter – <100pS
  • Freq Resp – 20Hz-20kHz
  • Weight – 3.1 Kg
  • Dimensions – H78 x W215 x D360mm