The CD8 features twin custom transformers each feeding through highly regulated power supplies to the separate sections of the player. Our specially developed twin mono DACs provide outstanding performance. This player will produce stunning performance and, in the right systems, an almost holographic 3D image. The player’s performance may be further upgraded by partnering with a Cyrus PSX-R power supply, which will further enhance audio resolution. Furthermore, the CD8 owner can optionally return their player to the Cyrus factory for upgrade to full CD8x specification when funds permit.

The design of the CD8 was particularly challenging as it was a no-compromise brief – ‘design in the best power supply and use the best D/A converters available’. Of course, none of this engineering would earn the Cyrus stamp of approval without the attention of our listening team who worked for many months to fine-tune the completed prototype players. The DAC stage features two dual DACs configured in a true balanced topology, driving into a fully balanced analogue filter stage.


  • THD – <0.002%
  • S/n ratio – 120dBA
  • Dynamic Range – >100 dB
  • Clock Jitter – <80pS
  • Output – SPDIF Coaxial
  • Output – SPDIF Optical
  • Dual Analogue
  • Weight – 3.5 Kg
  • Dimensions – D78 x W215 x D360mm