CDXt Signature

The CD Xt Signature is a dedicated CD transport which produces audiophile sound quality. It is manufactured with a range of performance enhancing techniques and components, including an evolved version of our Servo Evolution technology.

Two separate power supplies provide huge reserves of power, which eliminates the need for a PSX-R2. The sound produced by the CD Xt Signature is truly stunning, providing a room filling wide and high soundstage.

Our CD players are better because they generate far less background noise than most. We call this our SE or Servo-Evolution technology. The principle itself is quite simple. Usually the laser mechanism (servo) which reads the data from a disc makes tiny movements side to side quite quickly to re-read miss-read data – this create ‘servo noise’ and that impacts the ‘noise-floor’ limiting the quality of the sound output. The principle objective with our CD players is to extract the data on the disc as accurately as possible the first time – and that is only possible through some very careful design and calibration in both the hardware and software elements of the player.


  • Max signal resolution 16-bit/44.1kHz
  • Coaxial Digital Output 500mV
  • Output Impedance 75 Ω
  • Sample rate accuracy 44.1k ± 50ppm
  • Dimensions – H73 x W215 x D360
  • SPDIF optical
  • SPDIF coaxial
  • MC-BUS System