Beautiful wood veneers cover a unique laminated cabinet design. Understated like all Cyrus designs, the highly engineered CLS 70 is compact enough not to dominate the room yet has a cabinet large enough to convincingly reproduce the full scale of the music program. The CLS 70’s work best when fitted to the optional matching stands. They are tuned together to allow the speaker system to sound open and natural. This stand-mounted design will overcome many of the limitations of the bulky tower designs so common today.

Cyrus Layered Damping technology – Layer Damping is a technology more usually associated with the aerospace industry. Cyrus developed CLS 70 cabinets from layers of carefully chosen inert materials. Energy fed into the structure is partially dissipated by friction within the material itself. Pick up a CLS 70 cabinet and you will quickly understand that this is no lightweight design. We need to hear the transducers output and not the radiated out-of-phase specious radiation from a live cabinet.

Die-Cast LF driver and chassis – Although more expensive to produce, our die-cast chassis presents a smaller resistive area behind the cone and so aids responsiveness. The additional strength of the basket ensures that real world production tolerances do not distort the structure and degrade performance. The high power motor incorporates tuned cone materials, phase plug and wide progressive spider assembly ensuring excellent dynamics and reduced compression. Balanced Tension LF clamp – Vital to the performance of any instrument is the stability of sensitive components. By clamping our die-cast LF driver basket around its entire circumference with eight bolts we have ensured the driver is evenly attached to the baffle and importantly remains geometrically central to the voice-coil assembly behind.


  • Frequency Response – 40Hz to 20kHz
  • Sensitivity – SPL/m/2.83V 85 dB
  • Cross-Over Frequency – 2.5kHz
  • Effective Volume – 15 Litres
  • Nominal Impedance – 8 Ohms
  • Recommended Amplifier – 40-150 W/Ch
  • Weight (per speaker) - 11.3Kg
  • Cabinet Dimensions – H330 x W220 x D300mm