Cyrus 1

Traditionally budget amplification was considered to have “budget sound”. The appearance of the Cyrus One in 1984 upset this established norm and revolutionised the audio industry. It demonstrated unequivocally, that an audiophile integrated amplifier was well within the grasp of the music lovers without the funds to indulge in exotica.

Designed by Cyrus to handle demands of modern loudspeakers and wide bandwidth recordings, the Cyrus One featured an exceptional power supply capable of responding to the source material requirements. This is the heart of the amplifier, the source of its stress free sound.

To keep the signal as pure as possible, the Cyrus One features ‘minimalist’ circuitry devoid of the non-essential stages which interrupt the signal path. The signal integrity is preserved, even through this short path, by the use of only the finest components, including military grade power transistors and selected passive elements. The cabinet and chassis are designed to do more than just elegantly cover the Cyrus interior: the case itself is made from a precision diecast non-ferrous metal alloy, while the chassis with integral heatsink made of diecast aluminium. In addition to structural integrity not demonstrated by any other amplifier at or near the Cyrus price range, these features improve the sonic fidelity by dispelling mechanical resonances, circuit microphony and airbourne radio frequency interference. The Cyrus One has the capacity to accept five separate signal sources serving as the basis for a comprehensive hi-fi system. With its minimalist appeal and compact dimensions, the Cyrus One allows the listener to record from one source while listening to another and will accept the signal from high quality moving-coil cartridges as well as from the more common moving-magnet types. It is a completely functional package, providing the essentials without compromise.


  • 25W/CH (into 8 Ohms)
  • 40W/CH (into 4 Ohms)
  • Distortion – 0.005%, 1kHz
  • Freq Resp – -3 dB
  • S/N Ratio 86dBA
  • Dimensions – H85 x W215 x D345mm
  • Weight – 4 -5kg (depending on version)
  • Line inputs – 3 + Tape
  • Tape-out
  • Phono MM
  • Loudspeakers