Cyrus 6

This affordable integrated amplifier boasts an impressive range of abilities. Amongst these is the uncanny skill to present a 3-dimensional audio picture of the recorded performance along with surprisingly powerful dynamics for such a compact amplifier. The Cyrus 6 circuitry benefits from all the development work of its larger sibling Cyrus 8. Although we have accomplished significant savings by installing a smaller power supply in the 6, the main boards are almost identical.

Once our customers experience a system of this quality they often consider upgrading to the next level of performance and the Cyrus 6 can easily be upgraded by our factory. You could simply return your Cyrus 6 to our service facility where it could be upgraded to full Cyrus 6vs or 8vs specification. System optimisation – The Cyrus 6 packs in all the essential features to optimise a quality audio system. A full 40W + 40W 8 Ohm output, six inputs plus full tape monitor, Bi-wirable speaker terminals, headphone output with dedicated power amplifier, Preamplifier output (for bi-amping) and a sophisticated control system with system remote control are all provided.


  • 40W/CH (into 8 Ohms)
  • 50W/CH (into 4 Ohms)
  • Distortion – 0.003%, 1kHz
  • Freq Resp – -3 dB, 0.2Hz
  • Output voltage – 380mV
  • S/N Ratio – 100dBA
  • Channel Balance – ±0.2dB
  • Dimensions – H73 x W215 x D360mm
  • Weight – 3.7kg
  • Line inputs – 5 Line + 2 Tape
  • Bi-wire Loudspeakers, Tape-out
  • Preamp-out, Headphone
  • MC-BUS System