DAC X Signature

Upsampling hi-fi DAC, fine-tuned for low jitter and high accuracy. An audiophile digital to analogue converter, the DAC X Signature contains our intelligent upsampling technology which converts all music files to the highest resolution. Inside, four fully balanced 32-bit DAC chips convert digital sources to analogue in a process which has been painstakingly designed and tested to produce high definition sound quality, no interference and no distortion.

This dedicated hi-fi DAC will transform the sound of any digital source. All digital sources are upsampled to 192 kHz resolution to provide fantastic reolution. Tuned to produce the purest Cyrus sound, the DAC X Signature contains our most sophisticated re-clocking circuit to ensure low jitter. This hi-fi DAC is able to measure the precision of incoming digital sources and treat them accordingly. High accuracy sources like the CD t  are digitally re-clocked by a close tolerance circuit with triple quartz references. Meanwhile for low accuracy sources the DAC relaxes its re-clocking precision to ensure reliable playback.

Fantastic detail and pure sound are ensured by the circuit’s expertly designed power supply. Twin windings give the digital and analogue sections all of the power they need, on a completely separate circuit to the DAC and analogue filter sections. This ensures that nothing ever interferes with the pure sound of your music.


  • S/N ratio 115dBA
  • THD+N 0.002%
  • Fixed out 2.3V
  • Balanced out 4.6V
  • Weight 3.8kg
  • Dimensions - H75 x W215 x D365mm