The DAC X+ is a multi-input digital to analogue converter and will significantly enhance CD performance, especially when partnered with the CD XT SE₂. The DAC X+ should be partnered with a preamp and power amp and then you can really appreciate the wonderful resolution and musical enhancement that this offers.

The DAC X+ is all about accuracy. First a highly accurate reference clock is generated, and this is used to locking together a special Sample Rate Converter and the Digital to Analogue Converter for maximum digital accuracy. After re-clocking (from a wide number of available original sample rates) the signal is up sampled to 192kHz before feeding to twin stereo DACs designed in dual mono configuration enabling balanced operation.

Operational elements of the system, such as the digital control signals, are optically isolated from the twin mono DAC cards improving the clarity of the system. The re-clocked digital signal benefits from the development of a carefully specified power supply system. Based on a custom designed ultra-low noise toroidal power transformer, the power is cascaded through a number of sophisticated regulation stages and isolation techniques that ensure each section receives an unrestricted, noise free, power supply.


  • THD+N – 0.002%
  • S/N ratio – 11 5dBA
  • Digital Inputs – 6 SPDIF
  • Unbalanced Output – 2.3V
  • Balanced Output – 4.4V
  • Weight – 3.8kg
  • Dimensions – H73 x W215 x D360mm