Building on the highly-regarded DVD 7, the engineers decided to evaluate components in the video circuit and tune them in the same way Cyrus would approach the fine-tuning of one of our amplifiers. Picture quality is astonishing because the image manages to retain detail in light and dark sections even under high contrast conditions. The picture boasts natural skintones and superb 3-D bite, offering the best possible picture quality. The component output provides extremely high quality and is compatible with the best projector and plasma screens.

Being a Cyrus DVD player, you will not be surprised to learn that the audio performance is also at the very best of what is possible today. DVD8’s audio performance is now very close to that of the award-winning CD7 and can be further enhanced by adding the highly-regarded Qdac module. When funds allow, a PSX-R will upgrade the audio performance and boost the picture quality further still.

The Cyrus DVD8 builds on the fine reputation of the Cyrus DVD7, now established as a player equally capable of satisfying the demands of movie buffs or music-loving audiophiles and delivering a sonic performance equalling a Cyrus CD player with DVD video performance to match. The addition of Component Video output and a full performance review by the design team of the DVD7 circuitry further elevate the capabilities of this new player. With the second generation of firmware for the control system, first seen in the DVD7+, the DVD8 also features our upgraded quick-access menu bar for all primary set up and navigation functions. Additional features for the second generation firmware include a Zoom control with Pan capability, more powerful disc-reading software to keep pace with changes in disc technology and more sophisticated video and audio programming.


  • Freq Resp – 20Hz-20kHz
  • THD – <0.002%
  • S/N ratio – 100dBA
  • Channel separation – >110dB
  • Video S/N ratio – 60dB
  • Weight – 3Kg
  • Dimensions – H78 x W215 x D360mm