Radio is a fabulous source of ‘free’ high-quality entertainment. Although DAB is growing in some European countries, FM remains the highest quality radio system so Cyrus wanted a new FM tuner for music fans who are primarily motivated by quality and would like to enjoy the wealth of high quality music available on FM. The FM 6 offers easy operation, 32 FM and 16 AM presets and is compatible with the main Cyrus system handset. We recommend a good cable or FM aerial signal is arranged to get the most from FM 6 as the tuner is capable of outstanding audio performance if installed correctly. Your Cyrus retailer will be able to advise where to find an aerial specialist. FM 6 will open the door to a fabulous source of ever changing radio material and represents outstanding value

In spite of the recent explosion in multi-media and audio-visual interests, it is true to say that, in most instances, FM radio continues to offer the highest quality radio entertainment. This is a highly interactive media, in that the listener is more intimately involved, participating mentally in the broadcast program. The FM6 is designed to capture the true spirit of the transmitted material with the least amount of alteration to the original signal. For convenience we have included and AM tuner as well. The sensitive, low distortion front-end design of the FM6 enables this product to enjoy a wide dynamic range. The generous front-end gain assists in achieving low noise operation at low signal levels.


  • S/N Ratio <15.2dBf (Mono)
  • S/N Ratio <36,7dBf (Stereo)
  • Channel separation: >30dB
  • Output level: >800mV rms
  • Weight - 2.7kg
  • Dimensions - H73 x W215 x D360mm