A tuner developed for music lovers who are primarily motivated by quality and would like to enjoy the wealth of high quality music available on FM. The FM X can be upgraded by adding a PSX-R power supply that will expand the dynamic performance, creating a bigger sense of space around the image, and bringing the performance close to that of a CD. The effect of the PSX-R brings focus and allows you to hear through the sonic image into the music. We recommend a good FM aerial signal is arranged to get the most from FM X as the tuner is capable of outstanding audio performance if installed correctly. Your Cyrus retailer will be able to advise where to find an aerial specialist. FM X will open the door to a fabulous source of ever changing radio material and represents outstanding value.

The FM X supercedes the established FM7.5 to set new standards of performance as Cyrus’ flagship radio tuner. With the analogue FM band continuing to offer the best resolution as a radio source, the FM X builds on the core technologies of the FM7.5, featuring many circuit enhancements over it’s predecessor. When coupled to a quality FM aerial, the FM X brings the listener closer still to the performance, conveying faithfully the realism and immediacy of broadcast material as only high quality radio can. The FM X features PSX-R connection for the first time in a Cyrus FM tuner. A short demonstration of the enhancement that connection of a PSX-R brings to the sonic performance of the FM X is all that will be necessary to confirm the PSX-R as a ‘must-have’ upgrade for the FM X owner.


  • S/N Ratio – 5dBuV (Mono)
  • S/N Ratio – 30dBuV (Stereo)
  • T.H.D – 0.05% (Mono)
  • T.H.D – 0.07% (Stereo)
  • Channel separation – >50dB
  • Pilot tone suppression – 90dB
  • Weight – 2.7kg
  • Dimensions – H73 x W215 x D360mm