The Cyrus HARK equipment rack is the flexible and elegant solution to housing Cyrus components. The integral cable management incorporates mains power distribution as well as capacity to contain all interconnecting and loudspeaker cabling. Up to 8 shelves can be accommodated with ample space for ventilation. The unique construction of the shelves provides storage for CD’s in their jewel cases on unused shelves.

The classical design of the Cyrus die-cast chassis has become an aesthetic benchmark in audio design and many of our customers love the powerful drama the HARK system rack offers by exposing the design of the chassis.

Made by extruding a massive vertical pillar of non ferrous aluminium, (all Cyrus design excludes magnetic (ferrous) metals for acoustic benefit), a series of vertically arranged die-cast shelves are hung from the mast. The effect is a dramatic tower of beautifully painted audio components seemingly hanging in the air! A huge benefit of the HARK is that the mast is hollow allowing all the cables to be hidden away completely. For an even more dramatic effect the mast can be fixed to a wall and the entry and exit cables channelled away through the wall.


  • Dimensions – 950x340x420mm
  • Weight – 27kg
  • Shelf Dimensions – 250x405mm
  • Shelf weight – 1.7kg