Lyric (THREE)

Experience the soundtrack of your life

For 30 years Cyrus has engineered some of the world’s most advanced hi-fi components. Our devotion to sonic perfection has made Cyrus one of the industry’s most respected brands. Lyric (THREE)* is the embodiment of our passion and expertise, brought together in a breath-taking one box audio system.

With an abundance of power to drive the highest quality speakers and leading-edge digital systems accessed via intuitive App controls, Lyric (THREE) is wireless connectivity at its best. Stream with Bluetooth from your phone, tablet or PC home network; play CD’s or connect other audio sources such as your TV. The clarity is astonishing. Lyric’s advanced technology transforms any music source into beautiful, high quality sound.

*The Cyrus Lyric is also known as the Cyrus THREE in certain countries.

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All-in-one systems can sometimes be a recipe for compromise, but the Lyric 09 has no such trouble.

It’s a bold move for Cyrus, but one that’s paid off handsomely, so to speak…

Marley’s voice was full of passion and vehemence. His own sense of movement within the track was almost overwhelming as was the beautifully crafted background harmonies. The accompanying organ excerpts provided the track with a rich underlay while the percussion was lively, animated and vibrant.

Lyric (THREE) is the last word in high-end audio integrated into a single box. Superlative design and engineering ensure that you can access up to 15 different sources of music through this single box, including TIDAL, USB, DLNA, CD, DAB, FM, Internet Radio as well as being able to connect existing hi-fi components through the analogue and digital inputs.



Lyric (THREE) is the master of our all in one hi-fi products, allowing you to enjoy high quality music from any source with just one box.

With all of the technology which made our separates famous, plus the ability to play music from up to 15 different sources, Lyric (THREE) could revolutionise the way you listen to music!

Play music from virtually any source, with CD, streaming, TIDAL integration, USB (Apple compatible), FM, DAB+, internet radio, SPDIF optical, SPDIF Coaxial and Bluetooth® inputs!

Inside, you will find the same award-winning technology which makes our separates products so special – plus more.



  • aptX® compatible Bluetooth
  • Pre outputs – for connection to separate power amps
  • line level input – Including AV Bypass mode
  • High power, high voltage class A headphone amp
  • Bi-wire compatible speaker binding posts

Technical Features

  • Cyrus Class D amplifier – outputs 2 x 200W
  • SID – Speaker Impedance Detection
  • Large toroidal transformer – linear power supply throughout for minimal noise
  • Eleven separate power supplies – to maximise separation of different circuits


  • Cadance app
  • IR remote control
  • User upgradable firmware – updates to the latest firmware for new features in your own home

Dimensions & Finish

  • Dimensions: (H X W X D) – 104 x 420 x 302mm
  • Weight – 8.87kg
  • Stone or Stealth finish

Designed & Engineered in the United Kingdom