Mono X 200 Signature

Expertly designed power amplifier with Zero Feedback technology. The Mono X 200 Signature incorporates our expertly engineered Zero Feedback technology to provide fantastic amplification with nothing added or taken away. Use this mono power amplifier to add some “oomph” to your hi-fi system, bringing out the best in your music.

The 200VA toroidal transformer in this mono power amplifier can provide up to a huge 240 watts to your speakers (150 watts into 8 Ohms). And we make sure this power is put to good use, because the expert circuitry we designed for the more powerful Mono X 300 Signature has gone into the Mono X 200 Signature as well to guarantee you a smooth and precise sound.

As music volumes drop, it becomes increasingly important that the only sound being issued from a hi-fi system is the music itself. In tests, the Mono X 200 Signature produces negligible distortion at low levels – thanks to our expertly engineered Zero Feedback technology. To maintain the precise sound quality Cyrus is known for, but ensure adequate ventilation of the power amplifier, we’ve developed a smart cooling system for this high quality power amplifier. This system only activates the fan when it’s needed – when you’re listening at high volume. When the volume drops or silences are detected, the fan automatically switches off so there’s never any unwanted background noise.


  • THD+N <0.05%
  • Freq Resp 0.1Hz
  • S/N Ratio 114dBA
  • Output Power 8Ω 150Wrms
  • Weight 5.5kg
  • Dimensions - H75 x W215 x D365mm