ONE Cast

With ONE Cast you can stream music in high-quality directly from your phone using Spotify, Deezer, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Qobuz, Tidal – in fact, almost any streaming service over Wi-Fi.


The ONE Cast

As the centre of your new smart home audio system, ONE Cast will connect directly to virtually anything that produces audio. From mobile phones over Wi-Fi, laptops through USB, games consoles, record players and radio stations over the internet. You can even connect your Smart TV to ONE Cast using HDMI. It even features a class-leading headphone amplifier for late-night listening.

Boasting 100 watts per channel and using bleeding-edge technology developed entirely at our Cambridgeshire headquarters, this smart amplifier is capable of driving any loudspeakers with unerring ease from anywhere in the house.

ONE Cast doesn’t need a separate app.

Just like a Smart Speaker, you simply connect directly to ONE Cast using Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Qobuz, Deezer, or whichever streaming service you use on your phone. Two taps and the music that was on your phone is now amazing your senses, now that’s one smart amplifier.

Just open your chosen music streaming service, play some music and select the ‘now playing’ screen. Now you simply connect to ONE Cast just as you would with any other smart speaker on the market. No need for a smart audio app, ONE Cast takes care of that for you.


Asynchronous USB input (up to 32bit 192khz and DSD to DSD128) support up to Windows 10


Optical Toslink

Coaxial SPDIF Bluetooth™

Audio RCA input to built-in MM phono stage for turntables

Analogue input configurable for AV integration

Cyrus 4th generation Hybrid Class D amplifier – outputs 2 x 100W (into 8 Ω at 0.1% THD+N)

SID – Speaker Impedance Detection (automatically calibrates amplifier to your speakers)

Pre outputs – connect to additional power amplifiers

High power, high voltage class AB headphone amplifier

Over the air firmware update – Latest software downloads and installs automatically.

Linear power supply

IR remote control

Lockable front panel controls


WEP, WPA, WPA2 security

Signal to Noise Ratio – 128dBA

1300V/us Slew Rate

700mA max output current (per channel)

2 x 1W max output power

Recommended headphone impedance 16 – 1200 Ohm

(H X W X D) – 85 x 220 x 390mm

Weight – 5.6kg

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“The Cyrus One Cast Smart Amplifier Could Be The Answer To All Your Music Needs. There’s something about the quirkiness of this smart amplifier that endears me to it. I can’t explain why but its sound is enchanting” – Forbes 2021

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“So now you know how the music gets into the ONE Cast, but how does it sound? Well, in a word, transparent. This amp is one of the cleanest amps I’ve heard at the price point, and the tonal balance is superb.” 

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“The Cyrus ONE Cast combines the versatility and user-friendliness of modern smart speakers with the truly classic sound quality you’d expect from Cyrus” – STEREO Magazine 2020

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“This little integrated isn’t scared of powerful basslines, dramatic dynamic crescendos or soaring, expressive vocals. The result is both suave and sophisticated, punchy and powerful” – Stereonet 2020

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“Are you looking for an all-in-one amplifier that sounds good and is equipped to drive most speakers? Then the Cyrus One Cast is the right place for you” – 2020

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“With streaming, HDMI audio and voice control, the Cyrus ONE Cast is certainly smart, while delivering power a-plenty for a solid and musical hi-fi sound.” – Sound + Image awards 2021

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“Cyrus ONE Cast is proof that one can design a new device which, while relating in terms of sound and form factor to its predecessors, is at the same time very modern and adds a new element to its sound signature” (Review in Polish)

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“One Cast, although it looks minimalist, is a very functional device combining many features. These include the ability to handle multiple digital sources but is also upgradable with external power amplifiers and can be voice controlled with Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri and Google Assistant. For vinyl lovers, the good news is that Cyrus has equipped its latest amplifier with an MM phono input.

Sonically, the One Cast, despite being equipped with class-D output stages, does not resemble this type of equipment at all. It offers a beautiful, colourful sound with a fantastically saturated midrange, excellent sound control in the full bandwidth and indefatigable energy in conveying dynamics. Importantly, the ample headroom can be felt with any type of music and with any set of speakers.”

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The Cyrus One Cast is the perfect amplifier for all music lovers who want to experience vinyl records, streaming services, CD and TV sound in the best possible sound quality. If desired, it can even be conveniently voice controlled.

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You will hardly find a more flexible music system. The Cyrus One Cast offers an enormous range of features, making it interesting for numerous applications. From a HiRes DAC to voice-controlled streaming and even AV applications and vinyl, this amplifier is at the forefront of modern audio reproduction.

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The One Cast smart amplifier is clearly a typical Cyrus product. A wide range of functions, from phono to USB and Bluetooth to multi-room, complete the already well-known One series with the long-awaited network capability. Up-to-date app and voice control now complement the sound quality that was already convincing across the board in the previous models of the One family.

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