Phono X

The Cyrus Phono X is a Turntable Phono Stage developed for the demanding turntable user. Extremely quiet in operation, Phono X will enhance the performance of even the very best cartridges. For many of us digital sources have become so good, that our prized record collections can sound dull and flat by comparison. Phono X will breathe new life into a turntable / cartridge system with its wide dynamic presentation adding back the excitement. The high-performance MM/MC preamp uses specially tuned low level signal routing to help achieve this. By removing many of the capacitors on the signal path, and paying careful attention to the power supplies, the Phono X will encourage the rediscovery of your prized record collection and allow vinyl to sound just as good as your CD collection.

The Phono X includes provision for both MC and MM pickup cartridges, selectable from the front panel. Separate head amplifiers are included for both MM and MC pickups to ensure ultimate noise performance and the best matching for each type of pickup cartridge. Both head amplifiers are fully discrete Cyrus designs. For ease of use and convenience to the customer when setting up the Phono X a high-quality external MC loading selector is provided on the rear panel. Three resistor settings are available for MC cartridge loading with the additional option of parallel capacitance.


  • THD+N – MC- 0.01%
  • THD+N – MM- 0.01%
  • S/N ratio – MC- 84dBA
  • S/N ratio – MM- 92dBA
  • Equalisation tolerance – ±0.2db
  • Input – MC / MM
  • Fixed level line output
  • Weight – 3.1 Kg
  • Dimensions – H73 x W215 x D360mm