Pre VS2

The Pre vs2 is a new Cyrus preamp circuit created around our latest “Virtual Servo” or ‘VS2’ preamp developments. Because the new Pre vs2 is built on the same platform as our integrated amplifiers we have been able to achieve considerable cost savings and can therefore offer this new high-performance preamp at a previously unattainable price point. New Virtual Servo preamplifier technology – This is a new generation of preamplifier designs from the Cyrus R&D lab and was originally developed for our most exotic preamplifiers. Now appearing in our more affordable models, it is based on the work achieved with our acclaimed Virtual Servo preamp. Vs2 technology is a Cyrus developed technology and is unique to Cyrus. This latest vs2 iteration includes, amongst many refinements, the latest generation of digital volume IC’s, hence vs2. Further refining our vs topology has brought very worthwhile advances over the previous model.

A no-compromise development process and access to high quality components allowed the Cyrus tuning panel to open up the frequency response. This expands the preamp’s ability to recreate a large sense of scale and ambience, for the most effective system performance to date. Pre vs2 can be further improved by adding a PSX-R to provide a quiet, smooth, regulated power feed to its sensitive circuitry. Offering 7 inputs the Pre vs2 is the natural upgrade to our integrated amps, or indeed, any preamplifier.


  • Distortion – 0.003%
  • Freq Resp – -3dB
  • S/N ratio – 105dB
  • Line inputs – 6 + Tape monitor
  • Preamp-out
  • Tape-out
  • Headphone Output
  • Weight – 3.7kg
  • Dimensions – D73 x W215 x D360mm