Housed in a matching enclosure as the Cyrus Two the PSX delivers unrestricted amounts of current-rich power to the Cyrus Two’s amplifier section.  Thus dedicating the Cyrus Two’s generous onboard power supply to service the preamplifier section only. The PSX utilises a 500VA toroidal transformer specifically designed for optimum audio performance of the Cyrus electronic components, carrying a total capacity of 70,000 uF for ultimate regulation.

Depending on the variant the PSX also upgrades the performance of the Cyrus PCMII CD player as well as the Low Frequency Alignment Unit (LFAU) of the state of the art Mission 767 loudspeaker system.


  • Output voltage – ± 40V
  • Output impedance – 1 Ohm
  • Noise – 300uV
  • Transformer regulation – 3%
  • Weight - 5KG
  • Dimensions – H85mm x W215mm x D345mm