Q7 DAC Module

For the CD 7 the DAC module is a chance to push this already well received audiophile CD player to the leading edge of what is possible today. The Q 7 DAC advances will be audible in any system configuration but for users who have already opted for the additional power supply PSX-R the benefits are even greater as the added resolution the PSX-R helps the Q 7 DAC resolve even greater detail.

The Q 7 DAC improves every aspect of the music including separation between the musicians and an almost inky black background to the music.  Cyrus DVD players are unique in that they are developed as high performance audio players. Adding a Q 7 DAC module to the DVD8, for example, delivers ultimate audiophile performance, which outstrips many dedicated CD players and eliminates the need for separate disc drives for audio and video.


  • Dual Mono 24/96kHz