Smartpower +

SmartPower Plus is the ideal partner for Cyrus hi-fi and AV systems. It is an extremely flexible power amplifier that can evolve from 60wpch into a powerful 110w mono amplifier. As you upgrade your hi-fi system SmartPower Plus evolves to meet your demands, adding power and finesse with each upgrade. You may run your new amp in stereo or mono, with or without the matching PSX-R. Uniquely this chameleon-like quality is achieved without loss of performance so common with lesser bridgeable amps. Auto start and auto power down plus built in MC-BUS system control compatibility make this a truly smart power amp, ideal for AV and multiroom systems and extremely useful as systems are upgraded.

The original Cyrus SmartPower became very successful as Cyrus’ most versatile and fully-featured power amplifier. The SmartPower Plus supercedes this model by bringing together the advanced feature-set established by the SmartPower with the advances in power amplifier voicing developed for the X Power. Although primarily intended to partner the Cyrus integrated amplifier range for bi-amping, the SmartPower Plus packs a few surprises and can be switched to run as a high-power mono amplifier with a Pre Xvs in pre/power systems of up to 120W per channel, when used with an external PSX-R regulated power supply.


  • Distortion – <0.002%
  • Freq Resp – -3 dB
  • S/N Ratio – 112dBA
  • Power Stereo – 90W/CH (into 4 Ohms)
  • Power Mono – 150W/CH (into 4 Ohms)
  • Weight – 4.6kg
  • Dimensions – H73 x W215 x D360mm