The Cyrus Tri-Arbour Equipment Stand is hand made in the solid wood of your choice, the open frame styling of the Arbour racks make the system discreetly shrink into the room. Each Cyrus component sits on three vibration absorbers within the Arbour’s open wood frame. While the design of the wood frame helps blend the system into the soft furnishings, each components wonderful build quality is clearly impressive within the frame.

The Cyrus Tri-Arbour equipment stands are specially designed to offer an understated home for your equipment. They incorporate many audiophile features to preserve your equipment’s sound quality and specifically avoid using steel or un-damped glass commonly used in cheap audio stands.

Holding 5 Cyrus components the standard Cyrus Tri-Arbour Equipment stand can be expanded in units of 2 by ordering expansion bases to accommodate systems as they grow. As the main rack is only 24 inches tall it allows a system to be discretely housed in a traditionally furnished room. Imagine a full AV system so compact it fits beside the sofa! The design is certainly important but Cyrus being Cyrus they have engineered superb acoustic performance by isolating each component sitting on 3 special absorbers under each unit. The spiked rack is thus virtually inert to vibration and provides the perfect environment for audio components.


  • Integrated Cable Management
  • Spike Set
  • Pack of 15 Neoprene Isolators
  • Weight - 8KG
  • Dimensions - H663 x W290 x D450mm