Cyrus’ Arbour equipment stands are specially designed to offer an understated home for your equipment. They incorporate many audiophile features to preserve your equipment’s sound quality and specifically avoid using steel or un-damped glass commonly used in cheap audio stands. They are hand made for Cyrus in the UK using high quality materials.

Made from naturally low resonance real woods, the X-Arbour design incorporates our special three point isolating absorbers to cradle each component in an ideal position. This combination of tuned resonance barriers is designed invisibly into a much understated equipment rack.

Only 24 inches high, the rack houses up to ten Cyrus components. Accessories for the Cyrus X-Arbour include a TV, Turntable or Plasma screen plinth to adapt the X-Arbour for a complete AV system. Customers are able to specify a particular wood to match existing furniture. Each component in the Cyrus Arbour range is hand crafted in England by a specialist cabinetmaker.


  • Integrated Cable Management
  • Spike Set
  • Pack of 30 Neoprene Isolators
  • Weight - 12.5KG
  • Dimensions - H619 x W515 x D450mm