Q. Has Cadence stopped working with the Tidal streaming service?

A. Unfortunately, yes, due to an ongoing problem of piracy via streaming services, the record industry has forced through a fundamental change to the protocol that Tidal uses to authorise logins to their service. Cyrus has looked into this change in detail, and unfortunately the work required to update the Cadence app in line with these updates was not viable, so we have had to take the difficult decision to confirm that the Cadence app will not work with Tidal going forward.

We completely understand that this may cause issues for a number of our customers, but we have some recommended third party apps that customers can use instead of Cadence to continue to enable them to stream music from their Tidal Account to their Cyrus streamer.

Mconnect player, which is available on both IOS and Android. There is a free lite version or a £5.99 paid version offering additional services.

BubbleUPnP player, is only available on Android. There is a free version, and also a £3.99 paid version.

Q. What is Cadence?

A. Cadence is our control app for streaming products. Designed and maintained by our own team of software engineers, and available as a free download for iOS and Android devices, Cadence makes it possible to access your entire music library without even leaving your sofa.

Q. If the app is opening and then shutting down straight away then there is a conflict with Android security, which can happen on some Android devices. 

A. To cure this;

  • Switch off the Wi-Fi on the device Cadence is installed on
  • Start cadence
  • Tap the left arrow at the top left of the screen
  • This should take you to select sources
  • Tap the cog top right corner and select application settings
  • Uncheck the Play my Files box and the auto-connect box
  • Tap the arrow top left to come back to settings
  • Come out of settings
  • Close cadence
  • Switch the Wi-Fi back on
  • Go back into Cadence when the Wi-Fi has connected

Q. What smartphone/tablets is Cadence compatible with?

A. Cadence is compatible with Apple devices running iOS6.0 and above, and Android devices running Android 4.0 and above.

Q. Which models can I use Cadence with?

A. Cadence is compatible with the latest streaming media players and Lyric models.

Q. Do you have any plans to make a Windows version of Cadence?

A. Not at present. Development costs for each new platform are very high and Windows devices currently make up only a small percentage of the smartphone/tablet market. We continue to review the situation though and if Windows portable devices become more popular, we may consider designing an app.

Q. How do I download it, and how much does it cost?

A. Simply search for ‘Cyrus Cadence’ on the App/Play Store. It is free to download and use.

Q. Can I control more than one unit with Cadence?

A. Yes. You can select any compatible Cyrus product on the same network as your smartphone/tablet.