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XR is nothing short of a revolution in audio quality. Built from the ground-up, using an accumulated knowledge of over a decade, XR represents the best-in-class application of new DAC technologies, Power supply Design, Circuit topology, User Interface and, is built entirely in the UK using the highest specification of components.

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Firmware version 4.1 for ONE Cast

Notice: ONE Cast firmware update

A firmware update (v 4.1) has just been issued for the Cyrus ONE Cast. Owners do not need to do anything, the update is ‘Over the Air’ and will install automatically (usually between 2am and 5am of the local time-zone)

What has been updated?

There were some reported issues with compatibility with some of the latest Samsung TVs and Sky Q boxes through both the HDMI (ARC) and the optical inputs.  This update fixes those.

There were also some reported issues on casting from some streaming services in some geographic locations. We have implemented updated Google libraries to generally improve the connection with third-party streaming servers, especially with 48k and 96k streams.

How do I know if my ONE Cast has been updated with the latest firmware?

You can check your firmware version by starting the factory reset procedure from the remote, but WITHOUT completing the process (Do not press the OK button) This is illustrated on Page 25 of the user manual (click here )

If you do perform a full factory reset either by accident or deliberately, the ONE Cast will automatically install this new firmware, but will also need to be reconnected to your network and services.