The i7-XR is everything that the i9-XR is but with a reduced output of 2 x 52W into 6Ω, which will still power some hefty floor standers. With the same number of analogue and digital inputs, the i7 can again support whatever your preferred source is, in fact the only connection missing is the ability to plug in the PSU-XR power supply.

The i7-XR integrated amplifier performs consistently above its price bracket since it launched and has been receiving rave reviews from around the globe.

Every product in the XR Series has been developed from the ground up, with the i7-XR benefiting from our 2nd generation DAC QXR, which has had the reconstruction filters re-designed completely and the surrounding power supplies have also benefitted from clever design to dramatically lower noise and enhance dynamic range. The result is a DAC that re-constructs the analogue signal with incredible accuracy and precision, allowing it to extract every nuance of musical information, revealing layers and depth, which will have you digging out those old favorites to hear them like never before.

The wideband power amplifier of the i7-XR responds from DC to beyond 100kHz ensuring ruler-flat frequency response and keeping any undesirable phase shifts out of the audio band. With a generous, over-specified power supply the i7-XR power amplifier delivers music with a scale and authority that belies its 52W rating.

Derived from the new high-end Pre-XR preamplifier, the i7-XR analogue preamp features relay input selection and a new high-performance gain stage. This short-path design makes the analogue preamplifier extremely transparent. With four analogue inputs and phono MM, the i7-XR will cover just about any system requirement for analogue connectivity.

The DAC input stage of the i7-XR features the 2nd generation of our award-winning QXR DAC, which includes a high-speed analogue buffer stage. Seven digital filter alignment options are user adjustable to suit the taste of the listener. Input options include USB audio (to 384k sample rate) and DSD to DSD256, 2 x SPDIF digital and 2 x optical digital inputs.

The QXR DAC design is based on the ESS ES9038Q2M chipset, which has had every component analysed by our engineering team, coupled with the layout being fully optimised to tune the DAC to achieve the highest possible performance. The result is a DAC that reconstructs the analogue signal with incredible accuracy and precision, revealing layers and depth that will have you listening back through your complete music collection.

Inheriting many design features of the award-winning Phono Signature, the phono stage in the i7-XR performs at a level way above its class. Featuring low background noise and high dynamic range, the phono stage is a perfect complement for a quality vinyl turntable source.

The i7-XR is approved Roon Tested (using min firmware v1.6)

Being Roon Tested means that Cyrus and Roon have collaborated to ensure you have the best experience using Roon software and Cyrus equipment together, so you can just enjoy the music.


  • 2 x 52W into 6 Ω / twin speaker outputs
  • 4 x Analogue inputs
  • 1 x Phono MM input
  • 2 x Optical inputs
  • 2 x Coaxial digital inputs
  • 1 x Asynchronous USB input
  • 1 x Analogue preamplifier out
  • 1 x Headphone output - 2 x 138mW into 16 Ω (<0.1% THD)


Hi-Fi Choice (English)

What Cyrus has done here is very impressive because this is still unquestionably a Cyrus amp.

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AV Forums (English)

Cyrus has carefully and diligently taken their long running recipe and brought it right back into contention and the result comes Highly Recommended. 

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Haute Fidélité (French)

This very beautiful integrated amplifier symbolizes in its own way the progress which gives these solid-state models a previously unknown sonic enjoyment, to the exclusion of more ambitious class A models.

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Soundrebels (Polish)

Everything indicates that, as the years are passing, the Hi-Fi market is undoubtedly changing and Cyrus, with feet firmly on the ground, stubbornly offers electronics in a gentle, more attractive design and a surprisingly favorable quality / price ratio. If the above resume raises your doubts, I strongly encourage you to listen to the title duo, i.e. CDt-XR and i7-XR, to see with your own eyes and ears that a lot of good sound is encompassed in these inconspicuous boxes.

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Hifi & Musik (Swedish)

Cyrus [i7-XR] may not have been able to compete in brute strength and weight with the test’s biggest pieces, but if we’re talking about dynamic tension and lightning attacks, the heavyweights suddenly felt unexpectedly sluggish…”

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Alpha Audio (Dutch)

“Despite its modest dimensions and unobtrusive looks (we think it looks cool), this is an absolute winner in its price class and, as far as we are concerned, even a reference. Versatile, fun and easy to use with a very balanced sound. Everything you can expect from a modern amplifier.”

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Ecoustics (English)

“Cyrus Audio enters its 40th year in great shape with products that are very well engineered and very solid performers for the money. Highly recommended.”

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Australian Hifi (English)

“[With i7-XR] you’re getting not just an integrated amplifier for your money, but also a damn fine DAC and phono stage”

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